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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 1, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now, at 6:00, federal investigators arrive in new york, after a commuter train derails, killing four people. and injuring more than 60. new clues tonight about why it may have jumped the tracks. she's 100 days old today. and now the panda cub here at the zoo has a name. here it is in chinese. we'll show you what it is in english coming up. the redskins still looking for their fourth win of the season. you're looking live at fedex field. kickoffs against the struggling giants just over two hours away. first tonight, that
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developing story from new york city. a commuter train derailment in the bronx. four people dead, dozens injured, and now officials are trying to upright the train to make sure there are no more victims. we're showing you now live chopper pictures over the scene tonight. the ntsb just arrived in new york to start its investigation. nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: this home video shows the chaos just minutes after the commuter train jumped the tracks. >> it's -- i don't know how else to say, but it's just the saddest thing. that you're just driving on a train and looking at the beautiful palisades and then, poof, you're dead. >> reporter: four passengers died. more than 60 were injured. >> we had several people that were either trapped under cars or partially under cars. >> reporter: as first responders rushed in, firefighters and police worked to rescue survivors. >> we had to cut a couple just to lift the people out of the train.
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>> reporter: medical teams set up a triage units to treat the victims. at least 11 are in critical condition tonight. >> you're saying, what's going on. >> reporter: dennis o'neil said the next thing he knew, the car was on its side. >> it hit the curve real hard and flopped over, and we slid down the hill. >> hit her in the side of the head. saw the woman go out through the other window. >> reporter: local, state and federal investigators led by the national transportation safety board are on the scene searching for clues to find out what led to the fatal accident. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened, but why it happened, with the intent of preventing it from happening again. >> reporter: there are initial indications speed may have played a factor as the train rolled from the tracks and eventually stopped just inches from the hudson and harlem rivers. early reports indicate the conductor who was injured in the accident has said he was having problems with the brakes on the train.
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a full investigation is expected to last a week to ten days here. in new york, jay gray, news 4. amtrak's empire service which runs from new york city to upstate new york was suspended for four hours because of that crash. service was just restored. the trains will be going slower through the area, through that northeast corridor. the service from washington to new york city was never affected today. after much anticipation, we now know bao bao, the name of the new baby panda at the national zoo, looking now live from the zoo's camera. she was announced to much fanfare and excitement today. crowds lined up to get a spot for the big review. darcy spencer was there and got reaction from the crowd. >> reporter: the dancing lions started the celebration.
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but this is what everyone was waiting for. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: the giant panda cub now 100 days old, gets its name, voted the most popular from a list of five in an online poll. 123,000 people voted. >> today is special, because one more giant panda has been added to saving not only the giant panda, but its habitat. >> reporter: the word bao bao means precious in chinese. many say it was perfect for the panda cub. >> because the pandas are endangered, it's nice to have a baby panda here. >> i think it drums up interest. it definitely makes people want to come out and see the panda. >> reporter: the ceremony featured video messages from first lady michelle obama as well as china's first lady. some arrived up to six hours before the ceremony started to
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make sure they got seats. so these people, i guess you could call them panda groupies. they were out here since 7:00 this morning. what brings you out here so early for this naming ceremony? >> to see our princess being named. we have to see her naming. >> reporter: so far, we've only been able to see and hear bao bao on the panda cam. she's expected to make her public debut early next month. darcy spencer, news 4. metro transit police arrested a man who fired a gun on an orange line train this morning. metro says two men were arguing in a moving rail car headed for new carrollton. it got violent and one hit the other in the head with a gun causing it to fire. the bullet went through one of the car's win does. no one was hit. police arrested the gunman at the cheverly station. about 25 homes are without
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water tonight. the eight-inch main broke this morning, sending water gushing into the street. d.c. water officials tell news 4 that the break could be caused by the recent round of cold weather. crews are still making repairs at this hour and hope to have service restored by 10:30 tonight. coach shanahan said you have to have pride to play. that's exactly what the redskins are playing for, pride. taking on the giants right here on nbc 4's sunday night football and fighting to climb out of the cellar in the nfc east. diane is live at fedex field with more of what we can expect tonight. diana? >> you say cellar, i say hole. that's what this redskins have done, they've dug themselves a very big hole. it's going to take a lot of effort, and a mighty big shovel to get themselves out of this one. and it can start with a victory against the new york giants. but basically the redskins, if
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they do not win tonight, kiss the play-off hopes good-bye. the team is really playing to finish this season strong. and like coach shanahan said all week long, players are going to be out on the field fighting for their jobs. >> coach told me never confuse effort with results. and this is a result business. and everybody's out there trying hard. everybody's going out there and it's up to us to do whatever it takes to win a football game. >> we've just got to make a conscious effort to decide over the next five weeks that we're going to get better. we've got to win. we've got to win right now. and let everything else, you know, take care of itself. we've just got to control what we can control. >> all right. you heard robert talking about being in control tonight. well, he's hoping to get some help from the return of tight end and rookie jordan reed who missed the game against the 49ers because of a concussion. he's back on the active roster tonight. hope to help that redskins
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offense. we'll have more on the active roster and who will be in tonight and who will be out, coming up in about ten minutes. back to you, chris. >> we'll see you again in sports, diana. new details about the death of a hollywood star, coming up. what police are now saying about the crash that took the life of actor paul walker. and it is the season for giving. but tonight d.c. police, they are looking for the persons who did a lot of taking. and from a salvation army, of all places. coming up, we're going to take you inside and show you the crime scene. not a bad day today with high temperatures in the upper 40s. we're talking about temperatures in the 30s tonight. for the first week of december, we're going to see a warm-up. i'll be telling you just how warm in the forecast in about ten minutes.
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reaction pouring in tonight following the death of "fast and furious" actor paul walker. carson daley reported he's sick about the tragic loss of paul walker, and also a star in the fast and furious movie said your humble spirit was felt from the start. walker and a friend were killed last night when their car slammed into a light pole and caught fire. walker was a passenger in the car. los angeles county sheriff's deputies think that speed was a factor in the crash.
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it is like night and day. that's how much better the feds say the health website has gotten since october. the white house set today as the deadline to get the site functioning properly so people can sign up for health care insurance. democrats admit that the site is still far from perfect. but say it is vastly improved. >> the administration has hit the big benchmarks they set out. 50,000 people at one time. 800,000 people a day. this is going to take some time before it's up and kicking in full gear. >> many are still questioning whether it is too easy for hackers to access the site and steal people's private information. the white house is expected to release the latest health care enrollment numbers later this month. at least $10,000 stolen from the salvation army's red kettle campaign locally. tonight, how two people got away with so much on this long holiday weekend. plus, ahead, your
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back-to-work forecast, and g
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it's the type of crime you hope never would happen. police are searching for two men who broke into a salvation army building in southeast washington, taking more than $10,000 in red kettle donations. news4's david culver reports live from the southeast with more on the investigation. david? >> reporter: chris, let me set
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the scene right now. you can see behind me, this is the salvation army office. you see two marked police cars, and i just saw a pair of detectives walk out and head into the salvation army office. they're continuing their investigation tonight. the number that they're saying, $10,000. that's the estimated amount at a minimum that was taken from inside this building. i asked the spokesperson with the salvation army what could that buy, he said that could pay for electricity for a dozen families for a month. now missing. that distinct holiday sound, a reminder of giving. but whoever broke into this salvation army office this morning did a lot of taking. detectives just wrapped up searching for clues inside. we went in to tour the damage. glass broken through one door, a screwdriver used to break into another. it seems the thieves knew exactly where the money was. and this, well, this is the aftermath.
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more than a dozen or so kettles raided. at least $10,000 worth, gone. >> it really kind of tugs at your heart when people decide to do this to their own community. >> reporter: those who visit this community often just as bothered by this burglary. >> no words. i don't know why anyone would do that from the salvation army, of all places. >> reporter: one piece of good news out of all of this tonight is there were surveillance cameras inside that salvation army office. they were rolling at the time of the crime. they're going through that video as we speak. david culver, news4. thank you. amelia joins us now. the afternoon sunshine was pleasant. >> unfortunately some of us didn't get the sunshine. for those of you in far western maryland, but in the d.c. metro area, the high temperature today, 46 degrees. for tomorrow, a high around 50. and the good news this week? our temperatures are going to warm a little bit each day as we
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work our way towards thursday. and as we start off december, it's going to be a dry start. until we hit friday. expect rain on friday. and the chance of that rain continuing on into saturday. so you're planning your week, trying to decide when you should go out and get the tree, or hang the holiday deck races. know there will likely be rain around on friday and saturday. temperatures right now in the low 40s and upper 30s across the area. 39 in gaithersburg. 42 in washington. 41 degrees in huntingtown right now. as we work our way through the evening hours with mainly cloudy skies, temperatures aren't going to fall too much. you can see through 10:00 p.m., around 39 degrees. 38 degrees through midnight. a low temperature tonight of about 36. so as you're heading back to work, and the kids are heading back to school tomorrow morning,
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it will be cool. so in the district tomorrow, 30 degrees. for those of you in the suburbs. sunrise at 7:09. for the most part, we're in the upper 40s tomorrow and low 50s. adams, morgan, bethesda, manassas, pitting the high temperature of 50 degrees. unfortunately tomorrow, we are going to have a lot of clouds. it will be a mainly cloudy day. for tuesday, more sunshine. cloud/sun mix. tuesday a high of 52 degrees. we're warming up each day. high wednesday of 55. thursday, a high of 62. so mild on thursday. mostly cloudy skies, as a cold front moves toward the area. for friday, we're going to start to see the rain from that front. so rain is likely for your friday. right now, mild temperatures, with a high of 59. and then after that, our temperatures drop. next weekend, chris, highs will be in the 40s. saturday a high of 48 with a
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chance of rain. sunday, a high temperature of only 41 degrees. right now, sunday is looking dry, with partly sunny skies. >> thanks, amelia. coming up in sports, we'll take you back live to fedex field for the run-up to the redskins game tonight here on channel 4. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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the road to regain respect runs through fedex tonight. >> both these teams actually got off to good starts and win this game to get back on track. they're both struggling right now. sunday night football, redskins and giants. two teams with high expectations going into the season. diana is live at fedex field for the game. what's it going to take for the redskins to snap this three-game losing streak tonight? >> the new york giants lead the nfl right now with the most turnovers at 30. eli manning has more interceptions than touchdowns. the last time he played this poorly was his rookie season in 2004. to answer your question, it's
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going to be the redskins defense, if they can step it up, they can certainly help this team get a victory. and it could help this redskins offense. robert griffin iii is going to get some help. tight end jordan reed is back in the roster tonight. after missing last monday's game. no secret robert has struggled during the three-game losing streak. griffin has turned the ball over three times, sacked 14 over the last three losses. almost everyone is pointing the finger right now at the quarterback. the coach, mike shanahan knows, this isn't all griffin. this entire team is losing together. >> it's just not the quarterback. everybody struggles. when you lose you, you lose together. we know the scrutiny a quarterback goes through. it's part of the job. and there's a lot of responsibility with it. you've got to be tough. you've got to believe in yourself. and when tough times start, you've got to be tough enough to fight through it. and he's tough enough to fight through it. >> so if you're at home and
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you're going to catch the game tonight, take a look at the first quarter. this is going to determine how the redskins team will perform. they have been outscored in the first quarter 88-30 this season. usually if they can get on the scoreboard first, the redskins always have a great chance of winning the game. keep an eye on that. jason, back to you. >> thanks, diana. see you later tonight on "redskins final." the eagles were trying to keep pace with the cowboys. dallas won on thanksgiving day, while philly is looking for back-to-back home wins. chip kelly said he's sticking with quarterback nick foles the rest of the season. and foles, well, he looked pretty smart today. here in the second quarter, finds reilly cooper. one-handed catch. this is just beautiful. 24-yard gain. just goes up and snags it right out of the air. eagles led by ten at halftime. later on in this game, third
6:26 pm
quarter, foles already up with two touchdowns on the day. make it three. eagles up 24-7 now. here come the cardinals. fourth quarter, down ten. eagles apparently forgot about dre. cardinals down just three. arizona with the fourth and five. trying to keep this drive alive. this pass by palmer. incomplete to michael floyd. eagles hold on to win 24-21. philadelphia are tied atop the nfc east with dallas at 7-5. >> i think any game right now, you're playing meaningful games in december. one down, one to go, that's kind of our philosophy. we took care of business today. our only focus right now is getting ready for the lines, and that's it. you're not in a situation where there's any comfort in terms of lesthing like that. so it's just focusing on the next opponent. we'll get back to work on tuesday and get ready for
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detroit coming in. bears looking to stay alive in the nfc north rails. visiting the vikings. chicago on top 13-10. josh, going to air one out deep to jeffrey. and watch this grab. manages to get both feet inbounds. jeffrey breaks his own single receiving record with 249 yards. vikings tied at 20. we're in overtime. blair washingtolsh with the fie. a face mask penalty negates the field goal. walsh missed the second attempt. vikings have new life, adrian peterson. he went over 10,000 rushing yards in his career today. he had 211 in the game. that gave walsh a second chance from 34 yards out. that is right down the pipes. vikings, they go on to win this one 23-20 in overtime. good football around the nfl.
6:28 pm
big game tonight. redskins and giants right here on nbc 4. i wouldn't give a prediction, but i don't want to be blamed for jinxing the redskins. >> i have a feeling tonight. weather tonight? >> the weather tonight, you saw diana down there bundled up. maybe you're running a little bit behind headings down there, i think you're fine with a couple of layers. 40 and light winds for the game. >> watch it right here on nbc 4. stay nice and warm. "nightly news" up next. we'll be here
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rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. . on this sunday night, deadly derailment. the harrowing moments after a commuter train jumps the tracks in new york city, killing four people, injuring dozens. the big question, was it going too fast? some passengers say yes. ready or not. e new claim that it has net deadline and its goal of improving the health care website. plus, why the cost of your health plan is going way up. tragic turn for the actor best known for his stirring roles in the fast and furious films. paul walker is dead tonight after a car crash in southern california.


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